If If one or both of a couple is Catholic and both are free to marry in the Catholic Church we are very happy to talk about possible plans, preferably at least 6 months in advance.  We will need information about your Baptism and Confirmation and first you will meet with Fr David to fill out forms and start talking about your plans.  Between 9-12months in advance you will also need to approach the Registrars about your plans.  We can marry in the Church with authority delegated by the Registrars to Fr David, but the process takes some time, and it is essential that the blue forms giving that permission are with him at least two weeks before the wedding.

Marriage preparation is given by Marriage Care, on days with other couples held here at St Joseph’s and other churches around the area.  You will also meet with Fr David to talk more about the meaning of Marriage as the Church understands it, and to plan your wedding in more detail.