Thursday 16th  January 2021

The present version of Lockdown still allows us to be open for mass. For many people much the safest option is of course to come less often, but if you are coming at the weekend please contact me first to book a seat. The stewards will meet you at the door and sign you in, and check that you have a face covering/mask which is essential. On Sundays we will now distribute Holy Communion according to option 2, i.e. as you leave the church.

Mass will continue to be streamed on facebook, usually starting about 20 minutes before Mass is due to begin, and you don’t need to join facebook to watch it, please see

Even with the restrictions now in place the church can be open for private prayer on Monday & Tuesday mornings and Thursday and Friday afternoons. I would encourage short visits and we will not be having so much verbal prayer together as we have been.

All of us are advised to limit our interactions with other people but of course in emergencies I will come to minister the sacraments when needed at home.

Sacramental preparation: The 2020 group has not been able to celebrate their First Holy Communion yet. We nearly got there this week but it was not possible to get the group together for final preparation. I am happy to celebrate with any individual families at any scheduled mass. The 2021 First Holy Communion group have now met and we are planning towards June- date to be decided. We hope preparation can begin later in January. Please can any families interested but not registered contact me soon.

Youth Alpha, starting Monday, January 26th, 7pm. For all year 6s and 7s. The next Confirmation will be celebrated in autumn 2021 and this is the first step towards that. Please contact Fr David or Debbie Horner.

Giving. If you would like to give directly to the parish the bank account is with Nat West and is called RCA B’ham St Josephs sort code 60-21-21 Account no. 6937706. Thank you. For all enquiries please email

Please follow the facebook page and these updates. Any requests for prayer are very welcome, but if you want names to be included in the bulletin can you please get written permission from the person who is unwell.

This is a very strange and stressful time, but we are supporting each other, and drawing strength from the Lord who walks with us. All of us as Christians in this area of our parish have a deep sense of our responsibility to pray for the whole community, and as the only church with regular ‘in person’ worship we have a particular focus on our offering of the Mass as being a prayer for all.

Lastly may I say a big thank you to Andrejus for taking on the management of the website for us.

May God continue to bless and strengthen you with his grace and resilience! Fr David